Sea Shipping: Port of Azerbaijan

Sea Shipping: Port of Azerbaijan

The purpose of this research is to examine the international maritime transport situation in general, and to analyze the structure and development of Azerbaijani maritime transport in particular. The article focuses on the economic, political and logistical benefits of the Port of Alat and the increase of these benefits. As a result of the findings, suggestions are made in the direction of the economic perspectives of maritime transport in the country. 

The article was presented at the 55th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development. 

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About the author:

Malak Novruzova is an intern at Topchubashov Center. She studies at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Faculty of Turkish World Economics, majoring in International Relations. Her research interests include the analysis of international trade between countries, the logistical importance of countries and the analysis of Brexit-affected areas in the European Union.